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September 26, 2022

Dragon Con 2022 Photo Gallery Completed

Dragon Con 2022 Photo Gallery Completed Icon And it's finally done! The Dragon Con 2022 Photo Gallery has been uploaded. This includes photos from Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It took me longer than usual to finish editing and uploading photos, so thanks for your patience; enjoy, and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year!
September 5, 2022

Dragon Con 2022 Photo Gallery Coming Soon

Dragon Con 2022 Photo Gallery Coming Soon Icon Dragon Con came and went too fast this year! Due to some unexpected circumstances I wasn't able to get as many photos as usual this year. For everyone who's photo I did get, thank you for taking the time to pose! Costumes were amazing as always! I will be posting photos and responding to emails as soon as I can; there will be some delay this year due to family medical emergency, so thanks for your patience and please check back in 2 - 3 weeks.
December 3, 2021

Silpheed: The Arcade Game and Other Custom Arcade Cabinets

Silpheed: The Arcade Game Photos Icon The PC game Silpheed actually originated in Japan on the PC-88, there never was an arcade version. But what if there was? The gameplay is very arcade-like, so I thought why not find out how it works as an arcade game! I have more details over at PixelatedArcade on the page Silpheed: The Arcade Game (Sort Of!). A photo gallery of the homemade Silpheed cabinet has been posted here at PixelatedImages as well. Also be sure to check out a gallery of other cabinets and party decorations along with some behind the scenes photos to see how this was all done. Enjoy!
September 10, 2021

Dragon Con 2021 Photo Gallery Completed

Dragon Con 2021 Photos Icon The complete set of photos from Dragon Con 2021 is now online! After last year being cancelled, it was great to be back in person and taking photos again. Cosplayers at Dragon Con never disappoint, and this year was no exception; well done everyone! The photo set consists mostly of cosplay photos with a few from the live performances by Frenchy and the Punk and The Gothsicles mixed in. What a great weekend, I'm already looking forward to next year and with any luck masks will be optional by that point! Keeping my fingers crossed, and until then take care everyone and thanks for checking out PixelatedImages.
September 6, 2021

Dragon*Con 2021 Photo Gallery

Dragon Con 2021 Icon It's been a while since I've had an update here! Dragon Con 2021 is now over, and a big thanks to everyone who took the time to pose for photos. I'll be flying home tomorrow and will immediately be ordering a pizza and working on getting the photos uploaded; thanks for your patience, and check this space over the next few days as photos are posted.

Update: Photos from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are now up!
January 7, 2020

MAGFest 2020 Photo Gallery

MAGFest 2020 Icon Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to 2020! Starting out the year is MAGFest 18; due to work, I wasn't able to attend the entire convention but I did make it for a short time and just posted the MAGFest 2020 photo gallery. The photos are mostly from Saturday with a few from late Friday and early Sunday; The set features a few cosplay photos along with some live performances including The Protomen. It went by too quickly, but it was a great time and thanks to everyone who posed for photos!
September 11, 2019

Dragon*Con 2019 Photo Gallery Completed

Dragon Con 2019 Icon The complete Dragon Con 2019 Photo Gallery is now posted! Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the photos. The gallery this year features numerous cosplay photos taken from random locations throughout the con along with shots of the live performances by Frenchy and the Punk and The Crüxshadows. It's been a fun year, and I look forward to seeing everyone in 2020!
September 2, 2019

Dragon*Con 2019

Dragon Con Logo It's hard to believe Dragon*Con 2019 is over already! It was a fantastic time, and many thanks to everyone who took the time to pose for photos! I'm flying home tomorrow, and will immediately be getting to work on posting all of the photos; if you're looking for a photo I took of you, I'll be getting them online as fast as possible so please check back in the next few days. I'll post updates here as photos are available...

Update (September 11, 2019): Photos from Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are now posted!
August 13, 2019

Killer Bees Honey Tour Photos

Killer Bees Honey Killer Bees Honey, located in Pisgah National Forest N.C., offers a variety of pure, natural honey plus they have an impressive tour of their hives and facilities. The tour offers an introduction to bees and bee keeping, a closeup view of the hives, and a sample of the honey with food pairings. Not long ago we took their tour and the Killer Bees Honey Tour photo gallery is now online! If you ever find yourself in N.C. (driving distance from Asheville, really) check it out...
July 23, 2019

New Photo Gallery for the Apollo 11 Moon Mission 50th Anniversary

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon mission, the Smithsonian is project a scale version of a Saturn V rocket onto the Washington Monument. I stopped by to snap a few quick photos, and the Saturn V rocket projection gallery is now online!
July 7, 2019

PixelatedImages Updated Theme

Welcome to the new version of PixelatedImages! The site has been updated with a brand new layout which is (hopefully) easier to navigate, more responsive for viewing on different types of devices, and more aesthetic. The update is still somewhat of a work in progress; Not all of my galleries are up as of right now, but more and more will be online as I finish working on it. And while I'm hoping there are minimal bugs, I'm sure a few snuck in that will be fixed over time — sorry if you encounter any. More photos are planning to be taken and uploaded soon, with several travel plans in the works and I'm already booked for Dragon*Con 2019 and will be taking plenty more photos; I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there!
September 19, 2018

New Photo Gallery from Dragon*Con 2018

Dragon*Con 2018 Gallery The photo gallery from Dragon*Con 2018 is now posted! Photo sets cover all days (Thursday through Monday) and include numerous cosplay photos along with shots from the live performances by I:Scintilla, The Cybertronic Spree, Abney Park, and The Crüxshadows. As always, many thanks to everyone who took the time to pose for photos and hopefully everyone enjoys!
December, 2018

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